Artemazine helps enhance performance and serves as a insect growth regulator (IGR) helping control the fly population

Fly prevention and control

Composition: Cyromazine 1%
Dosage: 500g/ton of feed
Recommended Fly Control
3-month cycle
Month 1: Artemazine Month 2: Larvasan (Diflubenzuron 25%)
Month 3: Gap/No Application
Repeat for the entire year
Available as: 25kg Bucket

How does Artemazine work?

Artemazine helps prevent maturation of the maggot and effectively ends the fly life cycle.

Do not remove litter frequently: if removed continue using Artemazine without a break. Use adulticide simultaneously to kill existing adult flies. Prevent nipple leakage to keep litter dry. Control diarrhoea before usage.

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