Artevida is aspecifically tailored for use in newly hatched chicks to provide them with all the nutrients they need for healthy development in a directed and easy to administer form.

Nutritional formula

Preparation: Mix entire contents of the pack &70g) with 2 liters of clean drinking water. Stir mixture for 30-60 seconds
During Transportation: add 125g of formed product per 60 (day old) chicks as the only supplement
First Day at the Farm: Add the 70g product and 2 liter water mixture along with 2kg pre starter feed for 1000 chicks
Available as: 70g Pouch

Uses for Artevida

Artevida contains 48 essential nutrients, ensuring maximum growth and development:

Consisting of 48 nutrients, Artevida is an early chick nutrition product designed to improve the development of the immune and digestive systems as well as muscles.

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