Neocline is a dual acting antibacterial formulation that is effective for systemic and local infection


Prevention of early chick mortality:1g in 10L of water for 3-4 days per 200 chicks. Repeat dose after 3 weeks
During stress as prophylactic treatment: 1g in 10L of water for 4-5 days per 60 growers or 45 adult birds
Treatment of severe infections: 1g in 5L of water for 4-5 days

Treatment of severe infection:10-20g per 1kg of body weight for 3-5 days till infection subsides (To be given as an oral drench)
Note: 2x dose should be given on the 1st day for rapid result as recommended by the veterinarian. Large and Small Animals:

Available as: 250g

What is Neocline composed of?

When should you use Neocline?

Use Neocline to treat mixed infections such as CRD (Chronic Respiratory Diseases) and to prevent early chick mortality. Neocline has provem effectibe against most infection caused by mycoplasma, gram positive and gram negative bacteria including certain fungi and protozoa

How does Neocline work?

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